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The Platform

Formal definition of the Platform

  • The PANACEA platform is an interoperability space based on tools, guidelines, a Common Interface definition, and a “Travelling Object” specification.
  • Technical defintion of the Platform

    [1] Tools:

    The PANACEA Platform is based on the suite of tools created and provided by myGrid.

    Click HERE for a description of "What is myGrid?"

  • Web services: Soaplab
  • Work flow editor and engine: Taverna

    Click HERE for a description of "What is Taverna?"

  • Registry: BioCatalogue

    Click HERE for a description of "What is BioCatalogue?"

  • Collaborative space: myExperiment
  • [2] Common Interface: WS interoperability

  • Documentation
  • [3] Travelling Object: TO1 (XCES) and GrAF

  • Documentation
  • [4] Documentation

  • Click HERE for a D4.2 software files
  • Click HERE for D5.2 webservices files
  • Click for D5.2 workflow files