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Acquired Resources

PANACEA has been producing tools for the automatic production of Language Resources. In particular, domain specific parallel resources were addressed as input for different derived products. Here you can find different Language Resources produced during the project, the actual test data from crawled corpora to derived lexica, with also aligned corpora, dependency parsed corpora, etc. Please consult licensing and evaluation issues for each resource. These resources can be downloaded from this page, and will soon also be available from META-SHARE.

Data Sets

  • Monolingual Corpora (EL, EN, ES, FR, IT)
  • Monolingual Corpora N-grams (EL, EN, ES, FR, IT)
  • Monolingual Dependency Parsed Corpora (EL, ES, IT)
  • Bilingual Aligned Parallel Corpora (EN-FR EN-EL)
  • Bilingual Glossaries (EL-EN, FR-EN, DE-EN)
  • Monolingual lexica (EN, ES, IT)