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Forthcoming Beta testing Week 2012

31 Oct 2012
Beta Testing Week for Professionals set up from 12 to 16 of November

Beta Testing Week set up from 12 to 16 of November

The community has been receptive to PANACEA and has shown an interest in its offer from different perspectives: the data derived, the web-service principle and the full language resource production chain in such a user-friendly manner. As expected, users belonging to the research community show a clearer disposition to collaboration given their adventurous nature to try, test and learn. Nevertheless, the industrial audience is also interested, even if expecting something more advanced and developed, not just a prototype. Cost, investment and benefit are crucial concepts for them and they are more reluctant when in front of a non-final pre-market product.

Aware of the relevance that our research entails for the Language Technology Industries, and the special interest shown by some professionals, PANACEA has made a beta version available as an integrated tool to assist professionals in the automation of LR production. For this purpose, we organised our beta-testing week, from 12th until 16th of November 2012. The goal of this beta testing exercise is that professionals use the platform for producing a resource they might need or be interested in, and give us feedback on their experience to help us evaluate the service.