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04 Mar 2013
PANACEA will hold a tutorial at the Machine Translation Summit XIV in Nice, France on 2 - 6 September 2013.

The topic of the tutorial consists of: An architecture based on web services for the rapid design of workflows for Machine Translation

This 4 hour tutorial will be conducted by Marc Poch (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Dr. Antonio Toral (Dublin City University)

Click HERE for more information

Outline of the Tutorial Session:
  • The PANACEA platform: an introduction to the PANACEA platform and its web portals.
  • The PANACEA Registry: the portal where all the deployed web services can be found. There are more than 150 services.
  • Running a web service from Spinet: The first and easiest way to call a PANACEA service. Use a simple web form to see how tools can be run.
  • Taverna: running a workflow. Show the users how to run workflows in Taverna.
  • The PANACEA myExperiment portal. Find more than 70 workflows ready to use, modify or to take as examples to design new ones.