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The work in PANACEA has been organized in the following Work Packages:

WP Pdf
WP1 - Coordination (UPF) Download
WP2 - Dissemination and Exploitation (ELDA) Download [PANACEA_WP2]
WP3 - The Platform (UPF) Download [PANACEA_WP3]
WP4 - Corpus Acquisition & Annotation (ILSP) Download [PANACEA_WP4]
WP5 - Parallel corpus & derivatives (DCU) Download [PANACEA_WP5]
WP6 - Lexical Acquisition (UCAM) Download [PANACEA_WP6]
WP7 - Integration & resource evaluation (ILC) Download [PANACEA_WP7]
WP8 - Evaluation in industrial environment (LT) Download [PANACEA_WP8]

The work plan is organized along three big phases: analysis, development and evaluation. In turn, the development phase consist of 3 development cycles. Each cycle is planned to produce a new version of the platform; each version will integrate the access to new web services:

  • PANACEA v1, to be delivered in February 2011, will incorporate web services for Corpus Acquisition and Annotation for the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek and French.
  • PANACEA v2, due October 2011, will incorporate web services for text alignment (sentential and sub-sentential) and for the production of bilingual dictionaries and transfer grammars.
  • PANACEA v3, by June 2012, will finally integrate web services for rich information monolingual dictionary production for English, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

A final evaluation, in a real life industrial scenario, will assess the achievement of our objective: time and cost reduction in the development of the resources required for addressing a new language and a new domain.